The Burning Man Festival that takes place at the end of August each year in the Black Rock Desert, NV is a lot of things to a lot of people.  What it has never been is Anyone's/Someone's actual Birthplace. We know that there have been many pregnant women that have attended the annual festival - we also know that many a conception has occurred within the gates of Black Rock City over the past 26 yrs, but there have been no actual babies born that can call Black Rock City their birthplace.

Within the past few years, scholars and scientist have been compiling astrological data that suggest the Longitude/Latitude coordinates of where you were born has a significant affect on your overall psychological development. Recent research in these areas are pointing to 40.846974,-119.193077 which of course are the coordinates of 'The Man'. It is not a far jump then to believe that the Messiah should & must be born in Black Rock City and YOU will be the parents of our Messiah.

Burner Babies is here to facilitate the miracle of life with you, a chance for you to share in all the joys of having your legs in stirrups; surrounded by your family & friends - the magical art of Black Rock City and the honor of being the first to Give Birth @ Burning Man.

Our goal is to help the expectant mom & dad feel relaxed and well prepared for the big day. We offer state of the art equipment and a highly trained compassionate staff that have assisted ~34 couples welcoming a new life into the world at the Burner Babies headquarters in the quaint small town of Gerlach, NV.

"It is not about interpreting the data as to our impending doom as did the Mayans, but to see it as our salvation", says ScottoBobScotto CEO of Burner Babies. "We are excited about the possibilities of the first Child Born at Burning Man, what a wondrous beginning to life, the possibilities are endless - who knows maybe he/she will bring the peace & contentment our Earth seems to lack", continues ScottoBobScotto.